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The parts which are blank will be filled before the lectures.

The exams are "open book" so you should bring with you your lecture notes; the required book; and printouts of required texts.

FINAL EXAM : Tuesday, June 13, 7 - 10 p.m

date topic lecture notes required readings required material from the web
April 4 Class introduction
April 11 history of computers and human computer interfaces |
invention of cultural computing:
Bush, Sutherland, Engelbardt, Kay
lecture outline and links to material shown in class

If you are not familiar with the basic concepts which underly modern digital computers, please read Wikipedia entry on computer

view: Alan Kay shows and discusses Sketchpad

Alan Kay and Adele Goldberg | "Personal Dynamic Media" (1977)

Lev Manovich | "How Media Became New" | From The Language of New Media (The MIT Press, 2001)

April 18 early computer art (1950s-) | software art | generative art | use of algorithmic form generation in diffirent cultural areas today lecture outline and links to material shown in class Digital Art, pp. 7-31; 124.

Wayne Carlson | A History of Computer Graphics and Animation - section 2

Frank Dietrich | Visual Intelligence: The First Decade of Computer Art (1965-1975)
examples of contemporary algorithmic art done with Processing
April 25 software art and generative art - continued |
artificial life | evolutionary art | emergence and complexity
lecture outline and links to material shown in class Transmediale 2001 software art award - jury statement

ZKM exhibition Algorithmic Revolution (2004-) - exhibition statement

Manovich | Abstraction and Complexity (2003)


Digital Art, pp. 139-153.

eaxmples of software art/generative art -Abstraction Now exhibition

May 2 guest lecture - computer games (Brett Stalbaum)
lecture outline and links to material shown in class

Digital Art, pp. 196-203.

Anne-Marie Schleiner, Parasitic Interventions: Game Patches and Hacker Art (1999)

May 9 artificial life and generative art - continued | review for midterm exam lecture notes - same as for April 25 lecture (updated on May 9)    
May 16 midterm exam

notes for midterm exam

note: moving image lecture has been moved to June 6
the readings previously assigned for this week are due June 6


May 23 locative media | information visualization | database art | "data portraits" lecture notes and links to material shown in class

"data portraits": Manovich, Social Data Browser (2006)

visualization: Andrew Moere, Form Follows Data (2005)

locative media [link fixed june12]

Digital Art, pp. 174-189.

media mobility: Manovich, notes on the introduction of video iPod

The Dumpster

infosthetics (look at as many projects as you can)

Information Visualization
as Artistic Practice
((look at as many projects as you can)

May 30 screening of Timecode by Mike Figgis (2000)      
June 6 moving image | arhitecture NOTE, June 12: There was a problem uploading notes file for this class in time.
The first part of the lectured covered exactly the same material as in two assigned articles by Manovich. The second part covered architecture - since I did not provide notes, there will be no questions on the final about architecture.

visuals: In the lecture I analyzed in detail the beginning of music video for Go by Common, directed by Convert / MK12 / Kanye West, 2005.
I also shown in its entiretyItsu for Plaid, directed by Pleix collective, 2002.
(note: originally these readings were due May 16)

Digital Art
, pp. 96-111.

Manovich |
Image Future (2003-2006) 

Manovich |
After Effects, or Velvet Revolution (2006)