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A site-specific project for a media facade in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for the 2014 SP_Urban Festival. Together with Moritz Stefaner and Jay Chow.

The project develops further the ideas from Selfiecity published early in 2014. For SelfieSaoPaulo, individual Instagram selfies from Sao Paulo are sorted by three characteristics and animated over time. One animation presents the photos organized by estimated age, another by gender, and the third by the degree of smile. The animations show us diversity of Sao Paulo citizens, and the variety of ways in which they present their self-portraits, including face expressions, poses, colors, filters used, body styles etc. To allow us better see the differences between the photos, they are all automatically aligned by eye positions.

The work was commissioned by Tanya Toft (Ph.D. Fellow at Institute of Arts and Cultural Studies, Copenhagen University and Visiting Scholar, GSAPP, Columbia University). 2014 media facade program is curated by Toft and MarĂ­lia Pasculli.


SelfieSaoPaulo is on view on the media facade, located at the building FIESP / SESI and Alameda das Flores (Avenida Paulista 1313), every night for the duration of the 2014 SP_Urban Festival, June 9 to July 7, 2014.

Project  2014