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Thinking With Data

Using R to manage, analyze and visualize your data

Five free workshops at The Graduate Center, CUNY - Fall 2017
Time: 4:30 – 6:30 pm (selected Mondays)
Location: Science center - room 4102, 365 Fifth Avenue, New York City

Instructor: Dr. Lev Manovich


You can attend all the workshops, or any of them individually. The workshops are free, but you need to register before a workshop to attend. If you plan to attend more than one workshop, you need to register for each one separately.

To register, follow the links below to Eventbright event listings. The password is the same for all workshops - "thinkingwithdata"


  1. September 25. Introduction to R. Managing data. | From world to data.
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Workshop 1 notes, R script, and datasets

  1. October 16. Exploring data: descriptive statistics and basic visualization. | The rise of statistical imagination.
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Workshop 2 notes, R script, and dataset

  1. October 30. Advanced visualization with R and ggplot2. | Well-known visualization projects and people.
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Workshop 3 materials - R script & datasets

  1. November 13. Analyzing social media data. | Examples of using social media in social science and humanities.
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  2. December 4. Introduction to machine learning | Use of machine learning in contemporary society and academic research.
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