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Manovich appears in the list of 50 "Most Important People of 2014" (The Verge)

From The Verge Top 50 introduction:

"Who are the 50 most important people at the intersection of technology, art, science, and culture? Who are the 50 people whose work this year will shape the next 50 years? That's the question we ask when we assemble the Verge 50, our definitive list of the most interesting people building the future."

From the page about Lev Manovich (appearing in Artists category):

"His landmark 2001 treatise The Language of New Media broke down central visual ideas like resizable windows and file menus in intricate detail, unpacking conventions that most had taken for granted. Suddenly, there was a way of talking about computer space, and how it felt to spend so much time there. This year, he took the same approach to the world of selfies, pulling together more than 3,000 self-portraits from around the world, cataloguing them, and publishing essays and visualizations to explore what they all meant."

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