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Little Movies

"Little Movies" is a lyrical and theoretical project about the aesthetics of digital cinema, and a eulogy to its earliest form--QuickTime. The project began in 1994 when the World Wide Web was just beginning to gain mass exposure. Manovich's intention was to create cinema for the Web, employing the network limitations as a new aesthetic.


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Group Exhibitions

  1. "Can you Digit it?" Postmasters Gallery, New York, NY, March 1996.
  2. “The New Venue.” Online festival of digital film, 1998.
  3. “offline@online.” French-Baltic-Nordic Video and New Media Festival, Talinn, Estonia, November 1998.
  4. “Digital Studies: Being In Cyberspace.” On-line exhibition for new media art and theory, 1998.
  5. Cybermedia Arts Festival, Lisbon, Portugal, 1999.
  6. “Contact Zones: The Art of CD-ROM.” The Herbert F.Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, 1999.
    Traveling to:
    (a) Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City, Mexico, 1999.
    (b) Virginia Film Festival, 1999.
    (c) "Dissection: A New Epoch in Inter-action.” International Multimedia Art Exhibition, Museum of Macau, China, 2000.
    (d) MTN Digital/Electronic Art Exhibition, Gertrude Posel Gallery Johannesburg, South Africa, 2000.
  7. Architecture Film Festival, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2000.
  8. ISEA 2000, 10th International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Paris, France, 2000.
  9. “Electronic Language,” international festival. Sao Paolo, Brazil, 2000.
  10. “New Digital Media.” Art Mission, Binghamton, NY, May - June, 2004.
  11. “Media Miniature." Pratt Institute Manhattan gallery, New York, NY, March-April 2006.
  12. “The Fourth Screen.” New York Video Festival, New York, NY, July 30, 2006.


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  5. 911 Media Arts Center, Seattle, WA, July 1999.


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  1. Artbase, an archive of by RHIZOME, since 1999.
  2. The Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art, Cornell University Library, since 2003.