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Mission to Earth (Soft Cinema Edition)

Computer-driven media installation, custom movie generating software, database of video clips, variable configurations. Together with Andreas Kratky.

Commissioned by the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art (Gateshead, UK).


  1. “Mission to Earth (Soft Cinema Edition).”
    Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, UK, September 18, 2003.
  2. “Soft Cinema: Navigating the Database.”
    Chelsea Art Museum, New York, January 2005.
  3. The National Academy of Art.
    Sofia, Bulgaria, April 2005.
  4. “Soft Cinema: Navigating the Database.”
    Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, Australia, March 2007.

Group Exhibitions

  1. backup_festival. Weimar, Germany, November 2003.
  2. Split Film Festival. Split, Croatia, September 2003.
  3. “Future Cinema.” The ICC (InterCommunicationsCenter), Tokyo, Japan, 2003-2004.
  4. AIM V festival exhibition. Armory, Pasadena, CA, March-June 2004.
  5. “Evolving Perception.” University of Southern California (USC) Institute for Genetic Medicine (IGM) Art Gallery, August – October 2004.
  6. SENEF (Seoul Net and Film Festival). Seoul, September 2004.
  7. IV Festival International of the Image. Columbia, November 2004.
  8. 'blip' art and science forum. Brighton, England, November 2004.
  9. “Database Imaginary.” Banff's Walter Phillips Gallery, November 23, 2004 – January 13, 2005. Traveling to:
    (a) Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, spring 2005.
    (b) Blackwood Gallery, University of Toronto at Mississauga, Canada, fall 2005.
    (c) The Liane and Danny Taran Gallery of the Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts, Montreal, Canada, February 2006 – April 2006.
  10. "Identity Factories." [artphoto]image.festival[v.01], MLR Galleries. Bucharest, Romania, May - June 2005.
  11. “RE: MODERN: On the Renaissance of Modernism in Contemporary Art.” Kunstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria, May – September 2005.
  12. “Outside the Box.” The University of Akron's Emily Davis Gallery, Akron, OH, January-February 2006. DVD.
  13. Sonar 2007 festival. Barcelona, Spain, June 15-17, 2006. DVD.
  14. “Artificial Nature.” Sydney University of Technology Gallery, Sydney, Australia, October 31– November 28, 2006. DVD.
  15. “Post-Cinema.” RMIT Project Space gallery, Melbourne, Australia, October 2007.
  16. “Outside the Box.” Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK, September – November, 2007.


  • “Conference of Birds.” Artspace, Bangkok, Thailand, 2008.


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  • “Outside the Box: New Cinematic Experiences” (Akron, Ohio: Wigged Productions, 2005). 30 minute TV documentary.