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AI-aesthetics and the Anthropocentric Myth of Creativity - new article (Summer 2022)

Artificial Aesthetics: A Critical Guide to AI, Media, and Design - book published online one chapter at a time (Fall 2021-Winter 2023)

On New Beauty: Dialog Between Lev Manovich and Margarita Kukeva - conversation (Summer 2022)

Nike, Adidas, or Asics? Evolution of sneakers design in 1999-2022 as seen by a neural net - conference paper (Spring 2022)

How to Predict Future Culture? - class (Fall 2021)

Interfaces for a Global Village - new article (June 2021)

AI and Myths of Creativity - 40 slides for a new lecture (June 2021)

Museum of Pictorial Culture: - new article (Spring 2021)

How to Predict Culture in 2050? - class (Fall 2020 / Spring 2021)

From Poet to Engineer - new article (Winter 2021)

Computer vision, human senses, and language of art - article (11/2020)

Cultural Analytics - New book published by the MIT Press on October 20, 2020 (available as hardcover and e-book, 300 pages)

Design and Data Visualization course - lecture notes and resources (Fall 2020)

The Aesthetic Society - article (4/2020)

Defining AI Arts - Three Proposals - article (6/2019)

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