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News (publications, exhibitions, projects)

Cultural Analytics monograph is coming out in October 2020 (300 pages, available as e-pub and hardcover)

The Aesthetic Society - article (will appear online 6/2020)

Defining AI Arts: Three Proposals - article (6/2019)

"Elsewhere" - methodology for the analysis of of growth and diffusion of global culture (4/2019)

"Why Tyumen, Dr. Manovich? " - short video explaining Manovich's new project carried out in Tyumen (a city in Siberia) (2/2019)

"AI Aesthetics" - Manovich's new book published by Strelka Press (12/2018)

AI, Data Visualization, Data Art - I will be teaching this workshop at CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts) in Beijing (January 2019)

Can We Think Without Categories? - new article (free PDF)

"123 data" exhibition in Paris - our Visual Earth project is included in seminal exhibition of data visualization and design (5/2018-)

"Theories of Software Culture" - Manovich's new book published in Russia (12/2017)

Visual Earth - new project analyzing 270 million geotagged images shared on Twitter over three years worldwide

Thinking With Data: Using R to manage, analyze and visualize your data - five free workshops taught by Manovich during Fall 2017

Automating Aesthetics: Artificial Intelligence and Image Culture - new article (free download)

Cultural Data: Possibilities and Limitations of Digitized Archives - new article (free download)

Instagram and Contemporary Image - final version of my book is now available (free download)

Quantifying Development of User-Generated Art During 2001-2010 - our paper analyzing 270,000 artworks has been published in PLOS ONE

Network Dimensions in the Getty Provenance Index - new paper analyzing 267,000 art sales transactions from 1801 to 1820 (authors: Maximilian Schich, Christian Huemer, Piotr Adamczyk, Lev Manovich, Yang-Yu Liu)

Designing and Living Instagram Photography: Themes, Feeds, Sequences, Branding, Faces, Bodies - 4rd part of my book "Instagram and Contemporary Culture" released online - the new website for our lab launched in November 2016

What Makes Photo Cultures Different? - our paper proposing multiple methods for comparing large image datasets presented at ACM Multimedia 2016

Inequaligram: Measuring Social Media Inequality - our new project analyzes 7,442,454 Instagram images shared in Manhattan

Instagrammism and contemporary cultural identity - 3rd part of my book "Instagram and Contemporary Culture."

CA: The Journal of Cultural Analytics: is a new online peer review journal. First issue published in May 2016.

Meta-Morphologies of St. Petersburg - summer school and laboratory co-taught by Manovich. August 17-30, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Culture Analytics Institute at UCLA welcomes 115 speakers for 4 workshops.

Instagram and Contemporary Image - new book by Lev Manovich released online under CC license.

Article in Artforum (February 2016) about Data Traces exhibition co-curated by Lev Manovich in Fall 2015. Read the article here.

Alise Tifentale and Lev Manovich - new article about Instagram: Competitive Photography and the Presentation of the Self (2016)

Manovich's lecture slides slides "The Science of Culture?
 Theory and examples of computational cultural analysis using big image data."

On Broadway wins Silver Award in "Best Visualization Project of 2015" category in "Information Is Beautiful" competition.

List of our 2014-2015 projects, exhibitions, and publications: MoMA, New York Public Library, Google, and Twitter.

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